Saturday, 20 July 2013

Nazis Won The War And Britain Gets Raped

Some People Just CAN'T Read Between The Lines

Paula ****

wtf this is definately part of their plan to take more kids ?

Ivor *****
we're own already Paula, research the language "legalese"..and what our birth certificates actually mean, pay particular attention to what the word "register" actually means, in comparison to what we think it means

Paula *****
yes i already know about that ivor

Paula ****
i can see more families living the gypsy life style and dont blame them tbh

Ivor ****

Paula ****

Dan ****
Someone's not taken their tablets...

Paula ****
yes the GOV havent taken their tablets

Sarah ****
i don't see one mention of children in this letter so how is it about anyone 'taking' your kids ???

Paula ****
just cos is not mentioned dont mean it wont happen

Sarah ***
talk about huge leap !

Paula ***
talk about defending corrupt evil social services

Bob ****
put our help into the hands of people they think best to meet their communities needs? why do we have no amenities or anything in our communities then : / and help from my local authority? by that they mean "One Vision Housing" ? they can't even fix a leaky roof on 2 high rise blocks after 2 years (i guess they needed more than 35 million they spent to do the initial job lmfao

Linda ****
the letter is about loans, where does taking kids come into it ....?

Sarah ****
letter does not mention me taking the the dog for a walk either linda but it might happen

Bob ****
your money doesn't come in, your electric goes, you have no nappies... one of a million things you should of clearly planned for (but a vast percentage don't) And the only people you can approach for a hand out (in my case) would be OVH.
I get were shes coming from, but its a lot more complex than just saying they want our kids and showing this letter. But think of the ramifications and who is now in charge of that problem in your own area.


 OVH cant even deal with a rent account correctly, yet your going to have the choice of ringing an 0898 number to find out were your giro is, before that you need to lend money to make that call from a company such as ovh <-- Local Authority + Local Organisation
I gather these loans will have Interest on them to, being it a company?

Did NO ONE notice how the council semi became OVH, and has all the same pull when in circles as the council have, yet even their cleaners are paid by a german company?
We have seen the council get sold.. for 50 pence per flat..
To a company that will now be dealing with much more...
(even though what they already have to deal with they can't even get that right)

Robo Cop 3 (granted one of the worst movie sequels ever made)  
but check out the first 30 minuets and acquaint yourself with  O.C.P  

Your gona find that the natzis actually did win the war,
what they sacrificed to do so was giving up on their dream of removing impurity 
(and this isn't having a go at Germany, this is having a go at the Nazis)  
ONE is a Country AND  the Other is a Political Organisation....
someone BRITISH taught them you need impurity... otherwise who does all the shit jobs
 hell.. the master race wont sweep streets & dig through to recycle trash
so if you ain't got blonde hair and blue eyes, 
just learn the workings of a brush, a mop or something  ROFL

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