Friday, 1 August 2014

The Fate Of The Royal Iris Another Dirty Stain In Liverpools History

The REAL Royal Iris.....
Notice how The Front is different and the sides middle section to all the other Mersey Ferry's that you see on the mersey.

 Just what the fk happened to this piece of Liverpool History and just why was she sold off in the first place ?


Yet if you hop on-board the "so called" MV Royal Iris (today)  It appears to look the same as the other ferry's...

But its not the royal iris... You only have to look at the middle section to see a massive difference that could NOT be chopped up like that without serious structural problems..   See this isn't the Royal Iris.. Its Actually The Mountwood, the worst and most problematic of ALL the mersey ferrys.

The Mountwood Built by Philip & Son, Dartmouth
This Is The Mountwood "Re-branded" as The MV Royal Iris
Her funnel looks smaller on the 2nd image, but its not, its just enclosed for more passenger space, ber in mind this ferry goes across the mersey, but also tours the manchester ship canal, and passengers make pennies.. hence the modifications.. and its only ever been about Money for this citys runners..
In Essence this newer mv royal iris only really has 2 Public Decks
Both of which are pretty much open to the weather, besides 1 small section at the front on deck 2, pretty much like the Woodchurch and the Daffodil.

So Just Where Is The Real ROYAL IRIS??
(Well Its In London Sadly.. Rusting In The Mud)

It was used for a while & some minor repairs where done on it
then it was just left for dead.. ended up taking on water, pretty much sank
ended up dragged onto the mud and gravel.. and left to rot..


Here Is A "Model" of how she looked
The real Woodchurch.. Overchurch.. And Royal Iris Moored in 1988
She didn't look that bad in 1988, makes one wonder why 2 years later she was sold off
and now no doubt she looks WORSE than this...

This image was found on Flickr

Its so sad that this is lost from our history,  i mean back in the old days they where so proud of it & the ferry service that they even made up a BUS.. to look like the ferry.  This was used to promote the area & the ferry service...

Leyland PD1 (1964)

This was said to of been sold (for preservation)
IE, to a museum or collector..
Its not been seen since??
No one knows where it is??

I guess at least they where wise enough to ship her out the city, you should see the state of some of our citys other historical "assets" as they seam to see them as..

What about the Lord Mayors car (the first liverpool mayors car?)
well that sits in a warehouse with half a roof and is covered in pigeon sh*t
Along with some very old fireengines, tram cars, buses & other historical vehicles..

You may remember (towards TOWN) back in the late 80s early 90s
their was a massive place called "The Large Objects Museum"
and im not refering to the small place on derby road..
this other place was massive, had a water powered train and other water based things for the kids to play with & inside they had buses, trams, a massive rocket, the original liverpool echo printing press that was still in use for people to buy a red print of a liver bird..

Most them objects (that never made it from their OR the ones that vanished from the liverpool museum (and never made it to the all new liverpool museum)  are all in storage.. but their not stored.. their abandoned and rotting away with the elements, hidden from the public.. meaning ALL the money spent while being restored at the large objects museum was money wasted...

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