Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Facebook Using D.E.A and Drugs To Access Information

Ok we've all seen these videos going around about the hacking, the scandals, the government paranoia about terrorisum. We all no they monitor EVERY CAR.. EVERY FACE.. everywhere you go a system is watching you  "just like the Tv Series called"  Person Of Interest... not seen it, get hooked in..
Also check out  "Enemy Of The State"   because this is reality, this is what your putting up with

Many will say.. but i have nothing to hide so who gives a fk?

Well Facebook have decided to let "their" new task force (yes that's right, people at facebook will be reading your personal messages)  if anyone's tagged you in a cannabis photo or any drug related comments.
Does this mean in certain states the D.E.A will have ZERO access to this information because canabis is legal in some states?,  why not just a  "No Talking About Drugs"  Rule  on facebook and warn people to report it or remove it  ??
well that wouldn't give access to your fkn info would it...

Probably backed by the D.E.A and no doubt also given a hefty chunk of tax payers money in varied countries to instigate this witch hunt that will be abused like everything else for gaining mass information on people.

Zuckerberg said, “Online crime has risen to all-time highs. As the world’s number one social networking site I feel it is our job to protect our users from such deadly things as drugs.”

Yet he clearly doesn't give a crap about the amount of trolls and stalkers on facebook who bully and ruin lives,  in fact so many people in the uk head off out to knock at a so called friends house to beat hell out of them over a rumour someone else starts.  And this happens because of lack of privacy settings, LACK of USER knowledge..  and The sheer amount of stupid pointless information facebook constantly asks its users for.  people to il equipped to use the site giving spiteful spinless people with no life of their own just enough info to flip someone's boat right over.. and then sit back and watch 2 former friends battle each other like a circus...

Even if you are NOT a drug user, this information WILL go into a database, in turn MANY OTHER 3RD PARTIES will eventually gain access to this database  (granted facebook and the d.e.a will have full deniability over the Leaking OR Moving of said information) But it WILL be accessed in the future for NONE drug related purposes.

When we see SO MUCH corruption within our own governments and how easy it is to get Medical Information, Financial Information,  this will finnaly pave the way to gather personal information

Could this be the death of facebook?
i doub't it.. because most people just assume its a conspiricy
but ber this in mind...

when you apply for something as Simple as a "Cleaning Job"  the owner of that Agency/Security Firm/Solutions Bla Bla..  they will be able to find out absolutely everything about you..

Loads of information.. stacks of it..
(the majority of it being pointless UNLESS they want something over you)
and its easy to say.. don't give them anything
Just takes a random message from a stranger to start a war on facebook
Pretty easy to fk up someone's life, keep them to busy to see what's coming..

More Information on the D.E.A and Facebook thing here

Its another innocent looking idea  
that "CAN" be abused to access your private things

People Need To Wake Up...

Look at it this way...

Another little side project that allows billions of messages to be "Copied" from dedicated facebook servers onto 3rd party servers so the dea & facebook staff can "both access the data in a mutual environment" Meanwhile the 3rd party also has access to the data & any sub corporations with access to the servers being used to store the data. In essence, between what information landlords have passed on, what information local doctors have passed on and now what facebook is about to pass on is all rolling together into a list that anyone with a company (that's insured as they all are) has a cause for concern of any kind can get pretty much any info on you they want.. Hell i could see you order a pizza on your wall.. ring up and change the order to something that'll kill you over allergies.. simply because i disagreed with a post? You no what scares me about this.. We All Know This Has Gone On For Years... but this power, its now within much smaller petty minded hands, all accessible by much smaller groups, companies and organisations. It doesn't matter HOW CLEAN YOU ARE.. you only have to rock the boat somewhere.. and maybe its your boss paying you a week late because he's being blackmailed over something he did, and that's just happening because they wana distress you, get you off guard while they dig harder to discredit you or you screw up and lash out.. The amount of stupidity in most companies that distresses the public with the wrong bills and other stress that takes up your day because someone screwed up at their job.. could easily be someone you even p*ssed off in school as a kid, let alone some sad a$$ stalking you on flopbook...

 Since UK residents have been "Forced" on line to share information to find none existent work,, how many now get SPAM be it in the form of email, through the post or even people cold calling you.. and they have your NAME.. your phone number.. your address??
and all that since you registered on line for job search

 Someone gets a slap and looses their job for this kinda bullsh*t  .. Meanwhile i get all kinds of communication from people acting like they know me?,  like ive used their services?  like im interested in their sales and their money off promotions... IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED OPEN IMMEDIATELY  with my fkn name on it?    until i move home, change my number, my email ??


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