Sunday, 19 April 2015

Unwanted Disciples At Your Front Door ??

just grab a pen and draw a little 666 near your thumb.. then open the door, allow the introduction, offer out your hand to shake theirs, and when they attempt to let go, just hold for a moment and look down at your hand turning it slightly and in a dark whisper just say.. do you know who i am and what it means to shake my hand.. then start humming a dul tone like a broken up chant, hell shut your eyes then lean your head back.. but don't let go until theirs just enough strain that you prove even god couldn't stop him from fallin on his ass.. did he not see that coming.

You can just imagine the eye contact can't you?, from you to your hand, to his mate, back to you, then his hand at which point the hum and the closing of the eyes, you don't even need to see the outcome, besides if you did i doubt they'd run, though it depends how hysterical your laugh is lmfao

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