Friday, 7 June 2013

Bedroom Tax Songs (Lyrics)


feel free to make Song Suggestions in the "Comments"
If i no the song i  MIGHT  give it a go and edit the post to include it..

Here's some mini examples so far....

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away
Atos lays in its claws...
to the weak and the helpless
the social closes its doors.. no more money for you..
they'd rather bail the banks out
and watch our country going down the spout
you can bet this will end in a war
while were dragged out our door

No more money to spare...
and yet they ride in their limo's
they have bimbos on tap.. reservation's at 6
they will still enjoy their party's..
they will still have 2 or 3 homes
as for you well you wont and you can't
coz they don't fkn care...

The Beatles - Eight Days A Week
Ooo i need my rent man..
We know you know its true...
but your not gona pay man...
So my time here is through...
Can't even wash my cloths
So now im sleeping rough folks...
7 days a week...

7 days a week..
I don't get to eat..
7 days a week
I spend my days and nights on the streets
oo i need my rent man
so please stop fkn round...

Bob Dylan - Blowing In The Wind
come gather round people
and lend us your ears..
because this bedroom tax bullsh*t
makes genuine tears..
and it wont be that long till were all in the street
because they seam to like fkn us over..
so come grab a placard..
and stand ere and look ard
coz the times they are a changing...

come gather round people
where ever you roam
and lets knock this cameron guy
right from his thrown
hes attacking the poor while feeding the rich
and now we've all just become targets
were just middle class.. meant to take it up the...
and the tax oo how it pains me...
I guess it all depends what way ya wana take it
but anyone wants to sing something i can probs re-write it a number of ways like lmfao

Public Domain - The Battle Hymn of the Republic
My ears they heard this bullshit
Well i figured it can't be true 
That them tory nazis gona steal your home from you
Well I was wrong and so they have they ripped us from our homes 
And sacked off crisis loans

We recycle all our rubbish but yet we still pay
And they clearly sell the shit their paid to take away
Shouldn't it be cheaper rates recycling tins and glass
These fekers can kiss our ass

Tory tory partys nazis
Rippin off the week and helpless
Their the kinda fuckers who will kill the NHS
You no that targets next

Cameron he makes promises he knows he cannot keep
Someone needs to lay some eggs upon that fuckers beak
Why they've not been fkn burnt iz a mystery to me?
Because Shit doesn't burn so drown em at sea..

The Beatles - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
what would you do if your ass hit the street
and your whole life got flipped upside down..
would you kick off.. have a rant and a rave
or just send your self to the grave,
oo we'll get by when that asshole gets hung...

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
I hear the bailiffs commin..
smashing through my door
8 seconds later i was handcuffed on the floor
coz i had an extra bedroom
So i just had to go..
and now im in the gutter..
like every other joe  : /

Melvin Endsley - I Never Felt More Like Singing The Blues
I never felt more like singing the blues
I never thought... that ide ever loose my home...
because it had 2 rooms...
now im living on the kerb..
no food or heat... what a nerve...
camreon just yeah doesn't care
ooooo lol

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
I once had a flat... but they all said... it was to big...
All night poked in the back.. by my new bed..
because Its made out of twigs
I had a home.. yet now... i live with the tramps
all so our leaders... could help... bail out the banks...

Public Domain - Johnny Comes Marching Home
cameron has been here before.. was her.. that maggie... that maggie
he seams just the same and gives us the..  pain..
that maggie.. that maggie
camerons just a nob.. needs to get a real job..
and just leave us alone... to get on with a lives
and its just so wrong...
what the governments doing here... 

Public Domain - Ghost Riders In The Sky
When they rolled in the bedroom tax... we began to cry
but the last thing we expected... was for people to die
this madness needs to end today.. or Liverpool it will fall
this is an atrocity.. this government is fkn us all

camerons pulling money that's meant to pay our rent
and all the bullshit budget figures.. the whole systems fkn bent
wont be long till were all out with no where else to live
Stripped away our funding.. leaving nothing left to give...

Public Domain - We Shall Not Be Moved
we wont take your crap no more,we shall not be moved
we wont pay this tax no more, and we wont be screwd
this whole systems wrong and we are sick of taking this
Camerons just a useless ass who clearly takes the piss : /
im not to up on the whole melody of that one

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall Part 1
We don't need that Cameron ass-ole...
We don't need  bullsht from the dole...
This country.. just needs some real.. Jobs...
And a lot less hassle.. from these god dam nobs..
hey.. sht bags.. pay my fucking rent....
coz if you don't... your gona.. get a brick from my wall...
ooo or a might use two.. Just to sandwich ya balls...

Public Domain - Any Old Iron
any old iron.. any old iron, any any any old iron..
I need some rent coz the governments bent,
the budgets spent and they blew my rent...

Bob wrote these... took him 10 mins to provide them all.. so erm.. round of applause :P

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