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ArtWork by Nick Copper 1999

This is it... This is where ALL the Art Work began, the idea was conceived in a greenhouse in Banks Village Lancashire... It was a UK Government based scheme to make people work for their benefits and also earn an extra £10, they called it New Deal.
It was a chance meeting with the coolest supervisor Ive ever met, he got the work done in a simple easy manor (often run ragged for no good reason by Gwyn Morgan who ran the place, but couldn't teach for shit.. infact his humanity level pretty much sucked)
But we ignored his obnoxious, boisterous manner and just did our job while debating on a cover concept for the album...
I had no pc at the time, so nick offered to work on some art for me..

ArtWork by Nick Copper 1999

After a chat with nick about the first image, it was noted it should be darker and more fitting, in fact the first cover example could of been la la before he met the scag, a scaly yet semi clean...

The syringe was actually from a printer ink refill kit and was scanned into the pc.

This dark cover had all the hallmarks of a winner.. the deadly syringe, the stolen sock, the la la standing on a thin glass plate over the sea of methadone.. on the thin ice of modern life..

Photoshop Edit from the Stanley House Photo Shoot (2010)
Photoshop Edit from the Stanley House Photo Shoot (2010)
Image by Andy Magnum
Inspired by La La?
Image Made Using Flickr Tools
Image Made Using Flickr Tools
Image Made Using Flickr Tools
TheWraith517 Original UK Q.S.L Card

Fan Made Certificate by Matty Matrix

Fan Made Poster  by  PWAK
Original Q.S.L Concept Demo Sample
UnKnown Artist
First Draft Edition of The La La Times 2000
The La La Times Re-Vamped a Little 2013

Jay Cheaky Charlie by PWAK
Graphic by TheWraith517
Graphic by TheWraith517


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