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How To Get To Vertegen 1 Riverbank Road Riverbank House Bromborough CH62 3JQ

Ok we got a guy who's been placed on the work program. He's had a nightmare trying to find it, simply because google maps (of all companies) has the location pinned wrong and the place is tucked out the way and the sign (far back on private land) is generally blocked by a truck outside on public land. The place is just impossible to spot,  especially more so if your referring to the current google maps image.
(most people we have spoken to think its to the left of an old ship funnel, but at that stage, you've passed the place believe it or not) The following help is a collaboration of a couple of people and this will truly help you get their, so its worth a read if you have any anxiety about travel or finding places.

We will be updating this "specific post" over time, and we are making this initial post early in an effort to help others on the work program to find this place your advisor tells you is in Ellesmere Port.

Here is where its "really located"  on the google map.

Image (c) Google

It's essentially the "first right" if you headed in from the top road, which would be "Thermal Road" if coming from the left and "Stadium Road"  if your coming from the right.   IE  Thermal RD and Stadium RD essentially appear to just be one road and its name changes when it crosses the end of "Magazine Road"

So their lays the illusive Vertegen 1 Riverbank Road Riverbank House Bromborough CH62 3JQ

I suppose the "Number 1"  kinda gives it away in some respects, although their is a building distribution warehouse i think on the left, but its number or street could be totally different as we see no entrance to that first apparent number 1 upon Riverbank road its self.
The routes provided by learndirect  (from bootle to bromborough) state a 11 min walk to the bootle new strand train station (from here anyway) Then ride train the liverpool train/NOT the southport.. 
Ride liverpool train to hunts cross, walk from their to sir thomas street and then take the stagecoach Bus 2 towards princess street. 

I see an issue arise with that (besides getting lost in town during mad hour) The cheapest form of travel will be paid back to you, essentially a Bus Ticket.. so you can probably forget the Option TWO,  that's stapled IN FRONT of Option ONE lmao

OK,  so Option One stapled behind option 2 which is just clearly nuts...,
(ber in mind we will provide our own option THREE to help  ;)
Walk to bus stop (from here 13 mins) take the Arriva 55 (stanley road towards Liverpool..  bus travel time approx 15 mins) and get off the bus in liverpool town  at  Queens Square.  Walk from queens square to the liverpool tunnel entrance on Victoria Street (apparently only 2 min walk, for my mate, he'd get lost)  and get the stagecoach bus ONE towards princess street (bus travel approx 15 mins)  get off that bus lol, at the rock ferry depot on new chester road   Then get on a Comfy bus 811 towards broughton  (but you can't as its a comfy bus, they WON'T accept your travel PASS)   : /
So if you PAY, you wont get that back.. and when you get off that, its another 5 min walk from their to (apparently)

SO hows option 3?   well its Looks worse than it actually is  tbh, i mean if you want to avoid as much of the chaos in town going OR coming home then you need to kinda choose (BUS  OR  TRAIN)   the TWO are not viable under the travel expenses guide lines tbh.

SO we shall look at option 3 and please ber in mind, the distances on the "map" that look pretty far (they are not as far as they look, its a walk yes, but considering all the other travel time and tryna make a bus & train or 3 buses, its easy to miss no.2 as no.1 was late, and in turn you miss no.3 because you got the later no.2)  Our method example is probably about the same walking time (in-between all your buses but with only one change over to loose possible time on) when Exit the train station (and turn left)  you CAN actually see the first street on our guide  (yet looking at the map, you would assume its at least a 5 min walk to the first road, trust me its not)

If in bootle, or where ever (if you can hit a close station)  you can hop the train to moorfields, hop onto 1 of   TWO wirral trains to Spittle Station  you can get the Chester OR the Ellesmere Port train  (NOT the Westkirby Train) as that diverts like the ormskirk and kirby do at sandhills.

The walk looks Massive, but its actually not really compared to all the other messing around with option 1 & 2,  I guess it depends where you live and how well you no the liverpool city centre (but when you get your time and date the day before your meant to be their) this was the best route i found with the least complications between timing changes, avoiding masses of mindless people lmfao & getting me their with as little anxiety as i could.  Truly is a long way from my home and will cost the tax payer roughly an extra £100 for my travel, then the boots & other safety gear i will need on top of that.

We have a Dead Simple Guide Under The Map and extra reference images  ;)

Image (c) Google
Head out of Spital station and Turn LEFT out that station door  (google says EAST)
well shucks... is this by North or True North.. never mind i forgot my compass lmao
Turn left (station behind your left arm)  and "look" OVER the road and Down the road on its right hand side  and you can see  Vanderbyle Avenue   (you can see it from the station entrance) if not take 2 or 3 steps and you'll see it  (it is way closer to you than it looks on the map) with that avenue (vanderbyle on your right)  keep walking along spital road and look on your left you'll see Kinglass Road,  again much closer in person than how its looking on the map yes?  So we will cut to the chase and give the simple directions from the spital train station  ;)

Exit station turn LEFT
head down spital road passing Vanderbyle Avenue on your RIGHT
keep going passing Kinglass Road on your LEFT
now passing Oakridge Road on your RIGHT
now passing Arkwood Close on your LEFT
you'll reach a roundabout (painted circle on floor)  lol
turn RIGHT at the roundabout, its at the bottom of the road and you follow it to the right
This will keep you on spital road oddly
walk a little more (on the left side of the road, as there's no footpath on the right)
and TURN  LEFT  into  Mill Road.. travel up mill road until you get to the junction (cross at the lights on your LEFT)  and when you HAVE CROSSED,  side step right and head into the street (Directly opposite the one you left to cross behind you)   Mill Road  (crosses new chester road)  Mill road then basically becomes Magazine Road.  follow Magazine road (to the end)  Ignore the 2 turn off's that say magazine road while your heading down it,  just follow magazine road in a straight line to the end of it at the railings.
At the end you will see a small fence in place to stop cars,  it looks like its blocked.. its not, as you get closer their is one railing, and a foot path and another railing  (like a chicane)
You come out of that small path at the end of magazine road & your essentially their.
on TO your RIGHT (infront of you) is  Stadium Road..  TO your LEFT  (infront of you)  is Thermal Road  (they just look like the same road passing in front of you)
So at the end of the magazine road path you (cross over the main road INFRONT of you)    you cross over the main (thermal / stadium) road, across that red line, you turn RIGHT  just "behind" that white van on the "first" image, and "in front" of the white van on the "second" image.

Image (c) Google
Image (c) Google
Now, remember how you saw Vanderbyle Avenue looking down to your left, yet on the right of the road.. do the same while at the end of the path  and you'll see  River Bank Road,  walk along the right hand side of river bank and Vertegen is your first RIGHT   :)

IF you reach the odd looking Funnel of a Ship in the ground, you have actually passed the place, turn around, with the funnel behind you, the place is now your first LEFT  ;)

Image (c) Google
The Round About mentioned further up for example looks massive on the map, even made me wonder if pedestrians/public had access to that road, we do there are pavements and foot paths ;)

Image (c) Google
 One you follow the roundabout to the right AND its BEHIND you.. you'll see Mill Road On Your Left,  at the top of mill road where you cross new chester road into magazine road, the stages above fill in the blanks.  I just added the extra shots to help clarify it more :)

Image (c) Google

Magazine Road also looks massive  ITS NOT.   New Chester RD A41  (looks uncross-able by pedestrians on the map) It is crossable.. if anything its more narrow than queens drive and you have traffic lights & give way points the whole walk  ;)

Oddly for the wirral its not really all up and down hill, there is an even'ish kinda slant within stages, one hill maybe a little tough on a bike coming home after a days work (but its not a steep hill, just a slanted incline and on a days working legs you may have to push the bike in that small 2/3 min section of the journey) the rest ide say you can pretty much pick up a little speed and just free roll it.
 Heading BACK to the station i would say is not as easy as heading away from the station, especially if you've done a days work.  But really not as bad as the map dimensions make out.

I am surprised how much easier the journey is to do with this method tbh,
Also surprised how much it costs compared to the other methods, and the amount of walking involved with the other methods and then the lack of Comfy bus access, meaning your walk at the end of method 1 & 2 is a joke when added to the walks Before and after bus 1 & 2   : / 

Thing is though, no one should have to hit a train at (or bus)  at  6AM to make sure they can do the changes from bus to bus to bus, or train to bus to hike to arrive at 8AM,  only to know your going to arrive back home around 6PM,  yet most advisor's wont lower the amount of job search activity your required to do.. or they will.. and mine just doesn't give a fk...  but i can't do 6am till 6pm    and then do 2 hours job search,  because 3 days of that.. ile be dead...

We noticed you "could" get off the train before spital, and get off at Bebington station instead,  and then try and find the bus stop for the  145  (this would change your 24 min approx walk, into a 17 min bus ride)
BUT!!!  that bus only comes ONCE EVERY HOUR...

To be honest if you live over the water your laughin, if you live this side of the water.. your screwed. I assume that's the next bright idea will be.. move all the people on benefits from liverpool to the wirral & open prison camps along the docks...  I feel a war coming and its these local councillors and these agency type people who are looking to be 2 steps shy of a traffic warden that's probably going to get it.. and in such harsh environments and the level of pressure being placed on some people then it wont be long until "paid staff"  AKA prison warders will be standing like armed guards from max security usa prisons.

Anyway OTHER INFO that may help

They say you'll be provided with boots, ear protection, glasses, high res vest and other oddities, yet on the sizes form where you sign (for what you need)  it just has Boots and high res vest, i asked about overhauls, they said yes, so i wrote overhauls down & my size...  have a horrid feeling i will be wearing boots, high res vest and my own clothes. I hope i have ear protection because their super sensitive like a snooper mic..

When You arrive at your first appointment (generally around 11/11-30) you'll be their around an hour doing the same paperwork you did in their office in town lol, then you'll do more paperwork about the place,  then a bit more for your travel costs then you'll be given your expenses for the first week.
So you wont have to up front your travel costs.

you work 4 days a week, the day off you have IS your sign on day, also note if you ask, chances are you can work the alternate day (within the fortnight, where your off, yet you don't sign on)  But that is optional and you'd probably have to arrange that with the firm.  Ide just work the 4 a week and have a WEEK DAY day for running round, paperwork, shopping, washing.  I live in a flat, it would unacceptable to put my machine on BEFORE 6am OR AFTER 6 PM  and many of us still have other commitments that can't be done on a weekend when most places are shut..   These are things no one in these jobs thinks of because they have a job.. if u didn't have to sign on, guaranteed you'd be their 5 days, only reason u dont work the other is some sign one week & advisor the next week.

Final Notes.. 
what ever way you look at it, if your bums not in a public transport seat by at least 6.11am, then chances are your never going to get their on time  (what ever travel option you choose from)
Personally i don't think option 1 OR 2 is viable AT ALL.. due to Traffic..
your cutting it so close trying to make it their for 8AM... its just a sanction waiting to happen
For those of you working their in November.. December.. the typical rail strikes could cause major problems

Just what's the place like?   well we WILL let you know as it goes along, so check back soon  ;)

 Leave us a comment if it helped you.. We looked all around google and could barely find anything about the place  (a draw back with chatting on social media sites)  google doesn't tend to bring up them conversations.. leaving the internet pretty blank for any info on this place   : /

Really odd they can't see this IMPORTANT FACT...  for many people out their, crime is the simpler option.. even if you get caught.. its 3 meals a day, NO Dishes.. NO washing.. NO cleaning.. NO travel or time to worry about,  NO hoops to jump though, no concerns about benefits..
How Many Would Commit A Crime To Simply Get Piece Of Mind?
   And when you do get out of jail?
Well.. You'll get more help, support, money, clothes, hands outs than you ever had in your life..
Always makes me wonder how some people can knowingly push people to their breaking stress point (with no thought about everything else in that persons life)  But hey.. you folks keep tryna light that match in the dark room to see where the smell of gas is coming from..  Someone is bound to blow up in your face..

Yellow pages website link for vertegen no longer works,
they should probably let know about that
(its  not  .com)  you should also add the WWW.
for people behind company firewalls/proxys that require the www prefix...

Kinda mad when you just google  How to get to vertegen
no doubt in 2 days this blog will be top of the google search list.. wtf.. kinda company is that far under the google spider radar on the internet?.. even though they do have an actual web site lmfao
may wana look into  robots.txt  folks

i wonder does this recycling plant have somewhere secure and out the weather to store bikes.. 
more irony.. lean it their.. against the wall.. yeah it'll be fine.. next thing....
 bits of it are passing you on the a conveyor belt haha

Google meta data to help people find this page..
Vertegen, Riverbank Road, House, Bromborough, CH62 3JQ, Work Program, Learndirect, Lean Direct, Waste Management Recycling Plant Centre Ellesmere Port Travel Train Bus Guide Route Map Help Advice Plan

Special thanks to google maps & google street view for making it possible for us to be able to create this guide and save a lot of people mucho stress...
 Also special thanks to bob at Wraith & Friends Productions.

Their is a PARODY song about the place here You should thumb up the video
and you should morally go to this video and thumb it down here

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