Monday, 18 July 2016

Bootle Residents and Mother Nature Suffering at the hands of Sefton Council and its contractors

A resident of Greenfields Place in Bootle made us aware of a problem some months ago but the email landed in our spam folder. After being made aware of the email we asked a local production company tech to try and get a video, so offered to send him around. What was finally captured is something often talked about with residents regarding the mixing of rubbish leading to questions as to why.

We've also seen many facebook users talking about the flies problem in bootle as its been bad for a while. We also all remember the huge dock fire with all the rubbish too.

For some reason the household waste and the recycling is mixed. In the beginning the bin men used to take 3 grey bins then 3 blue bins, then slip in another grey bin then top that off with the final blue bin. This used to occur on a monday morning.

Clearly this is then unsorted waste that needs sorting, not only does it make the residents look bad but it also causes a waste problem, such waste needing to be stored somewhere and that is where you have your first un-required expenditure. Once sorted out from waste to recycling then both batches clearly head off somewhere else, one lot for landfill and one lot for a recycling plant. At the first location is not only rent, insurance, utilities and varied wages.. there also sits waste that was already sorted by residents.

I assume at some stage this became a problem and "could" explain that dockland fire where a load of waste no one could dispose of was set on fire.. It certainly explains the flies regardless of the risk of mosquitoes breading and god knows what.. This creature for example..

Zoomed In, See Below for actual size image
After a few months of picking up and mixing both lots of waste there was clearly a problem, especially after the build up of waste at that dock. So what then happened is someone decided it would be a better idea to do two pick ups, maybe they realised 1 wagon, 1 day, 2 lots of waste... someone will notice. So they decided to pick up the Household Waste on a Friday and pick up the Recycling on a Monday.. Problem is now you have to close the first place (unsorted waste normally goes too) Unless of course you throw in 1 wrong bin to taint the load right?

Sefton Council have always seamed to pride its self in letting things slide as far as they possibly can, just so they can claim funding and keep them selves in work to fix the mess they cause. In this first video you see the Friday pick up "Household Waste" What they do is take in 3 bins of landfill waste (while a single bin of recycling is left to one side) After the 3rd GREY bin they then throw in a BLUE one, then they top that off with the 4th grey one.

I would assume that specific load goes back to the Landfill and is tipped out.. rejected, only to then have to be scooped back up and taken else where because it contains the recyclable stuff not accepted by a landfill right?  <-- note the question mark.. I'm no councillor..

So this then sits wherever waiting to be separated and that is where your flies are breeding...

Now in the 2nd video, this is the Monday pick up where they come to take the "Recycling" and as per tradition they slide a wrong bin out on standby to pad out the load...

Now this probably gets tipped out at the recycling place and right away.. no ones insured to touch it as that's also hazardous waste within the recycling.. so off that goes to sit in the sun too..

Someone told them to do it like that, its to organised, its no accident dragging out that bin and leaving it sitting there.. call that a clear accusation regarding what ever laws you want. But the tax payers paying for this while the earth its self is polluted.

These tower blocks re-opened in 2010 and no longer used a bin chute due to recycling laws implemented. It would be interesting to get video footage of the pick ups in places like Crosby, Hell Manchester, London, lets see if the scam goes further than sefton. The flies "history" should be looked into, when the first bulk of reports came in, then who was in charge of the waste, where the waste has been. This is an ECO issue regardless of the scamming.

This was the size of my hand and nothing scared it
One bin of Recycling before the last bin of Household Waste
One bin of Household Waste before the last bin of Recycling
There is no confusion here by the videos as to how this is done, the question should be What Money Is Allocated, who allocated it, where is it Spent dealing with a kinda of problem like this.

Household Waste on one wall and sign posted right along
Recycling on one wall and sign posted right along
Ironic.. they have never put the bins back in the wrong place.

eco wise a lot of the damage has been done.. i mean people say the lady birds have been pushed out by the foreign ones right..  wrong.. they are being eaten by a vastly growing amount of bugs and creepy things clearly evolving in our waste.

A Few People maybe lazy in these buildings who don't recycle, but in all these years i have yet to open a blue bin and see a bin bag of mixed waste. People maybe lazy but there not actually callas.
And i got to ask, if recycling is law, who so long, why no letters, why has this been allowed to carry on unchecked. Money ???

New video up 25th took 2 this time...

Hope this is stopped soon....

The echo published a story here which states the council have started a new scheme "conveniently planned to start the day after the echo publish the article" where apparently people are not recycling so they are now taking the rubbish all together to be sorted at a 3rd location aside from the land fill and the dump.. what sheer bullshit.. residents should be fined for not recycling, we all know the rubbish has not been going the land fill for over a year and we know this mixing has been purposely done for over 9 months.. Fuck The Planet should be seftons motto and rob the fkn tax payer blind.

A new name for it seams to be "commingling"
ALSO...  according to a spoksperson from ovh (not the council) Well we can only assume 100's of people on benefits will soon be working unpaid in commingling plants all over the country wich some people with jobs may think is fair.. it could well be if the treatment was fair AND they wern't still forced to try and find a job while traveling 2 hours in a morning & two hours in an eveing to get to an unpaid dangerous job in what could only be like a concentration camp with rejected traffic wardens and Tv license door knockers fired for not meeting a quota all running the place..

VERTEGEN was the last recycling place Enslaving people on benefits while the benefits service Still Harass people who had 4 hours to them selves to clean.. eat.. sleep and jobsearch and attend interviews... Welcome to vertegen.. a mandatory job so far away google maps says its on the fkn water.. all we know is that from where you live you'll be lucky to reach it, hard pressed to find it.. and if you don't.. wel all your benefits stop.. This whole "Outside Contractor" BS has to stop, council own most the fkn land.. stop renting it out, open plants, pay workers rather that lil contracted firms you all own fkn shares in...

What a fkn bunch of scammers!!!!!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

My Local Shopping Centre Go's John Carpenter Style

I was walking through my local shopping centre "Bootle New Strand" in Sefton.

As i'm walking Out the exit i stopped and walked back in (ber in mind you would Never see this if your walking in) And i bet most of you probably haven't Ever even noticed it walking out..  But your brains subconscious will have read it, your Kids will have read it. I couldn't believe i had read it correctly and actually felt the need to walk back in and look at it.

As you walk out, around 30 foot above you painted in the corner just enough to get the corner of your eye subliminally on the wall is the phrase..

Who ever said money can't buy you happiness didn't know where to shop.
(people can assume that's all innocent all they want, but that's certainly not the message i teach Our children, its a total contradiction)  Is that what you all teach your children children?,  IE money is everything.. you just need to know where to spend it?  i bet you don't.
Our kids should not be seeing that &amp; we shouldn't be getting fed it subconsciously neither.

Bootle New Strand In The Hexigon Top Right as you Exit
we teach our children...
Money Can't Buy Happiness

Did sefton council or the strand really approve this slogan for public view?  or did New Look just put it up, who at new look actually thought this was an ok thing to use in such a way.   ¯\(ยบ_o)/¯

This new phrase being Taught to Our Children clearly contradicts something that most parents instil into their children??   I'm totally dumb founded that our children are seeing that message...  (Twisting Can't to Didn't) Like what.. it never used to?, but all that's changed?  Someone tell me this is wrong?,.  Someone restore my fkn faith in humanity and tell me they get exactly where i'm coming from and that they agree this is slogan in public, something i was assume its signed off on and authorised by a council employee.. is just wrong?.
I guess most will think i'm mad as usual, but if you've ever seen the John Carpenter movie  They Live.. the moment i saw that writing i was like wtf and had to walk back in.. Genuinely just wtf kinda message is that and where its placed...   Here is a short scene from the john carpenter film released June 23, 1989 that kinda shows WHY that stood out to my eyes like a saw thumb..

If you find any other Morally Ambiguous Quotes  Inside The Bootle Strand Stopping Centre for our kids full attention and the corner of our adult subconscious please snag a picture and note where about it is.

Imagine an advert that said  Age 16.. all that's left between you and sex now is condoms.
And there stands a 65+ year old guy holding a box.. which would seam fine if he had chemist shelves behind him, a dr's white coat on and all that.. rather than a picture frame on a wall and a fuzzy jumper.. because that advert all started with Age 16..  and the dude with the box is 65+..

There is a Lot to marketing, and frankly this method of manipulation is wrong and goes against what we teach our children.

Someone somewhere tell me its wrong.....?

Name and shame some seriously devious ad techniques and lets shame these immoral foookers that twist what we teach are children...

It'll be interesting to see just how many people actually think "Changing" Slogans that remove the pre Instil of moral values (is funny & nothing more) and how many actually can laugh But then also see from a child's perspective, In a child's world, it is clearly one of a stack of Contradictions the system lets them absorb..  I find it funny, but as a writer my self i find this whole thing morally ambiguous to younger people. If a comedian reeled off a load of Genuine Sayings and put a punchline on them all, you wouldn't let your kids listen to it, let alone read it. This isn't the message i want my kids to see until their old enough to understand its Humour over its contradiction.. its only fkn funny to begin with because we know the original saying..

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Monday, 16 May 2016

Laurie Lingo & The Dipsticks - 'Convoy G.B.' (1976)

Such a classic underrated parody...
The Vinyl is well better than the Live video.. backing singers sound well better produced on the vinyl..

The A Side




It was a foggy day on the sixth of May In a Scammell haulin' bricks It was just crackin' dawn and I started to yawn Cos I couldn't find any nice chicks. I'd tried Newport Pagnell, Toddington, And even Watford Gap, But after so many eggs and chips, sausage and beans What I really needed was a nap. It's a lonely life, truck driving But it's better than a bike Cos when you're up in the cab, you're the king of the road And it's dead romantic, like. And then I remembered my two-way radio, So I started feelin' better, And I thought "I'll start a convoy" "You know, just like that American feller." [Chorus] Thus began the saga On the M1 Motorway Of the biggest bloomin' convoy Outside the USA. Why not join our line-up? It's completely free. All you need is transport And a current MOT. Convoy! [On the CB] Hello, this is Super Scouse callin'. Anyone out there, come on? Hello, hello, this is Plastic Chicken, go off? That's "come on" - what's your load, Plastic Chicken? Er, well it would have been quick-drying cement, but the rain got in - do you know anyone who wants to buy a three-ton brick? So there we were, the two of us, At the start of something big. There was Plastic Chicken with his brick on wheels, And me in my big rig. With every junction that we passed Others would tag on There was even a London Transport bus "Hey, that's a nice wagon - fares please..." It certainly was an impressive sight, To see us on the road There was vehicles of every shape and size It certainly had growed. Suddenly there was this commotion, There was a circus, and a fair. There was an animal acrobatic act "Ooh look - a bear in the air!" [Chorus] You're listening to the saga, On the M1 Motorway. Of the biggest blooming convoy, Outside the USA. We're half-way through our story, But please don't go away. They're on Spaghetti Junction "We could be here all day..." Convoy! [On the CB] Hello, Plastic Chicken to Super Scouse, gerroff, I mean come in, er, come on - oh, do I have to say this every time? Yeah - have you seen any fuzzboxes? - that's slang for police cars. Er, Jackanory, Super Scouse - that's slang for No! That's Negatory, you berk... Ooh I say, is this a private convoy or can anyone join in? What's your wheels, our kid? Would you believe, a camper...? Spaghetti Junction was coming up So we were bound to lose a few. And sure enough, the fork-lift truck, Disappeared heading up towards Crewe. The combine harvester shred a wheel, And the driver lost control. And a mobile DJ crashed his van, So we ain't gonna play no Soul, 10 - 4. [Chorus] So we end our story, On the M1 Motorway. Of the biggest blooming convoy, Outside the USA. This record is good value, As you can plainly see. It's labelled as a tax disc Though it's a Felony Convoy! [On the CB] Er, Plastic Chicken to Super Scouse, there's a big black limo coming up behind... Er, what about it? Well it's got a flag on the front and a funny number plate - "HRH 1" Mercy sakes, good buddy, you'd better give it the front door and wave her on, like... Will do, Super Scouse, I'm waving her on - ooh look, she's waving back, isn't that nice... Plastic Chicken, do you want to stick it in behind that suicide jockey? What's a suicide jockey? As it happens, How's about... Er, Plastic Chicken, don't you think you'd better change gear for this hill? What's wrong with the gear I've got on, doesn't it look right? Change gear, ram your foot on the floor and change the gear, what you talking about, you don't know how to drive a truck do you, you've no idea how to drive a truck, you're mad... (continue to fade)
The B Side

Monday, 4 April 2016

PopEye Probably Eats Fish

I'm Popeye The Sailor Man
And I Cooks Me Fish In A Pan
They Say I Eats Spinach
But That Rots Me Innards
Then I'm Popeye The Farty Man

When Im Popeye The Farty Man
All I Do Is Splatter The Pan
Facebook Ban If I Dare
So I'le Leave It Right There
As The Man With A Fish In Me Pan