La La Causes Chaos At The Liverpool v Everton Derby

Sadly "Sunday Times" ; "Sunday Sport"
had their websites removed after the phone hacking scandal....
But.. Back in 2009.. Every UK News Paper & Every UK News Radio & TV Broadcast
All Talked About it....
It took the sports page (as normally seen at the back of a news paper)
and put it right on the front cover...

(c)Liverpool Echo

(c)The Independant

(c)The Mail

(c) The Sun

(c) Liverpool Banter



Even Barak Obama Wanted to be friends with tubby

Tubby accepted, yet they never spoke

Apparently Everton FC Announced a possible move of their home ground to Kirkby.
This was jumped upon by the Liverpool FC fans as a weapon for taunting EFC fans.
Not being a football fan my self, I never even saw this coming...
And note this all came many many years after the songs where made.

Most people i have spoken to "from kirkby" actually like the songs and at the time the songs where pretty much accurate to how teens where evolving.
Many wankers out their tried to have a go about it.. which just kinda proved the point really
that whole  "ye what.. lad.."
and the classic.. "who ya talkin to ya prick.. ye wana fight?"

Coz lik i iz ard me ya noze larr, ya noo da script kidder...

fkn dick heads....

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