Monday, 18 August 2014

Lack Of Job Centre Toilets A Lie.. True OR False? Comment And Let Us Know

I often wonder why places Lie about simple things, sheer common decency out the window at every turn..  I once experienced an issue in Bootle Job Centre where me & my partner asked about baby changing facilities, as we'd both been told to come at a specific time.. in reality we got their 12 minuets early yet got kept waiting almost 2 hours...

We got told there was NO baby changing facilities (the woman even said she'd speak to someone about it.. yeah right, its been over a year and they still don't)  So Anyway...  we asked if their was any toilets the public can use and we were again told "no"  Yet today looking on "A" website for a phone number
I saw this

Wheelchair access Yes - full
Accessible toilets: Yes  (it doesn't say FULL)
so it A) its for disabled OR its for non disabled OR its for changing babies
its certainly not about "Public OR Staff Access" because its Accessibility!!
OR its a typical MISUSE OF THE WORD.. and when Questioned Directly
they could say Accessibility isn't the same as Amenity....

And at the bottom of the page it formerly says
Record last check 14 July 2013
I also noticed the phone number listed for Park Street is 
Either of these (depending on what START CODE is cheaper)  to use on a mobile 

0345 604 3719
0845 604 3719 
And it lists a MINICOM number as 0845 608 8551
It does NOT state  if you can use 0345 for mini com if its cheaper...

NONE of those numbers will reach Bootle Park Street Job Centre...
You will be placed in a que listening to classical music, for up to 30 mins to an hour
just like you would when your handed that little scrap of paper with 0845 604 3719

Total lack of respect for people to refuse the use of toilets,
when they state on some form of charter that they DO??..

So Now.. It Also Begs Another Massive Question.. MONEY..
Petty Cash... toiletries? cleaner(s)?

If no ones paying a cleaner (for that job) is someone still invoicing for it?
Is a simple  "Sorry No Toilets Here"  how someone's fiddling money?
do they all eat expensive biscuits on their tea break?
Or maybe saving for the end of year party?
Would this not be an easy way to earn at least £200 a week?
(200+ per building, due to petty cash said to be spent on things that don't exist or aren't needed????)
note all the question marks, because this isn't slander, its questions...  Ide ask one of my local mp's to look into it but tbh their all in it for the fkn money now.. Everythings just a photo opp and nothing more..   Its just a load of suits playing monopoly, with the uk as the board game and us as the pieces  : /

When was the last time you saw a dole card "Rubber Stamped" at the bottom?
Do they invoice for ink?  read our next blog post that includes notes about another "POSSIBLE" misuse of government funds...   and please vote in our poll.

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