Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gordon The Gopher Slept With Jimmy Savil?

Rumour has it that 

Gordon The Gopher Slept With Jimmy Savil?

Can this be true?

I Slept With Jimmy Savil

Gordon said Jimmys the last hand he ever felt before the BBC boxed him up in a store room with tape around his mouth...
Philip lost for words at the shocking news

This poor former bbc presenter suffered the indignity of being trapped in a box the last few years with the tellytubbies, although they had a stash of tubbie toast that got them through for a while...

In an interview sooty and sweep both share their distaste for the BBC and have always refused to leave iTv..

I should of took him with me to iTv

It makes one wonder who is safe.. who is next..

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